Pashupati Mitra Secondary School located at the north east part of Kathmandu district is a renowned school that barely needs introduction. The school has had a leading experience of teaching learning service of 72 years, and is proud of its students who are well set in different sectors of service in and across the country. We are delighted to hear that our students have reached different sectors of service and are able to display their expertise and perfection there. We consider it our success. We have records of the SLC Batch since 2012 B.S with glorious first in first position in the SLC of 2033 by our student Anil Tuladhar.

The whole focus and attention of the school machinery is now located towards giving quality education to our students for them to compete in the competitive market, and in our effort to make it happen, thankfully we have had best of the best and most of the most qualified teachers in different time periods of the school since the past till date. The Heads of the Departments are always active exploring and discussing ways how and what if done would bring quality in our students’ teaching learning activities. We have connected teaching learning with technology to make it easier and attainable. We are proud that our teachers are trained, experienced and authors of the textbooks. Not just that, they are teacher trainers themselves. To address the wish and demand of the community and guardians, we have introduced both Nepali and English medium of instruction. Besides, we pick students to extra coach in their weak areas in extra time.

We routinely and regularly conduct extracurricular activities and skill classes to have the students’ inherent talent sprout. Our students are good at dance, song, oratory, drawing, debate and sports. We spare nothing to engage our students into teaching learning and side by side into extracurricular activities. Given all this, why think of an alternative and go to another school? Bring your kids here. We assure you of every quality in teaching learning and life skills. We ask everybody to have the feel of the choice of the best school for your kids. Try our teachers and feel the difference. We also request you all to drop in to school to see and realize our commitment and performance with your own eyes at your convenient time.



Ghanashyam Raj Kafle

Pashupati Mitra High School